Lib Dems call for Manchester universities to pay for extra police amidst student safety crisis 

The calls come as Withington and Fallowfield were hit with the worst crime rates in the city.

There were 448 burglaries in Withington last year alone, according to Home Office figures - higher than anywhere else in Manchester.
Now the Liberal Democrats are calling on the city's universities to take more responsibility for student safety after a pilot scheme in Northampton proved popular.
Long-term residents have also become a target as families and students are caught in the crossfire of government cuts.
Withington Liberal Democrat Spokesperson, April Preston, urged the Universities to take more responsibility.

She said:

"The link between large student population areas and crime is well documented but it is not realistic to expect police to do more with less - cuts have made it impossible for them.

"Manchester has rightfully gained a reputation for being at the forefront of academic research and development, and the crime levels are only going to deter the brightest and best students from coming here.

"Isn't in time the universities commit to student safety and give police the resources to implement extra patrols?"

The University of Northampton recently implemented a similar policy and successfully funded a team of five constables and a sergeant.

A spokesperson for the University of Northampton said:

"Young people in university towns and cities are often seen as a soft target for criminals and the pilot programme will enhance the safety of our 13,000 students for less than £20 each per year."

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