Lib Dem South Lakeland shows the way to cut Energy Bills

There was an interesting story on the BBC regional news this morning. Lib Dem run South Lakeland Council has recently run the first "community switch" program.

I signed an EDM supporting the scheme earlier this week.

They got 1700 local people to sign up to a buying co-operative. The new co-op then went to the energy suppliers, and came back with savings of between £60 to £300 for local residents per year.

More details of the story can be found here.

If 1,700 people can get savings of that order, what about 17,000 or 170,000?

I have written to Manchester Chief Executive Sir Howard Bernstein to ask him to look at following South Lakeland's lead at a Manchester or Greater Manchester level.

It would be an easy way for communities to band together to cut energy bills.

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