Lib Dem Minister gives Manchester £32,460,000

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Yesterday Lib Dem Minister Norman Baker MP announced Government  funding worth £32,460,000 for Transport for

journeys and 2 million extra cycling trips which could mean a potential reduction in carbon emissions of around 1,000 tonnes a year, which can only be a good thing. One of the core themes for Let’s Get to Work is ‘active travel’ that will involve different cycling initiatives including the Greater Manchester Commuter Cycle Project and projects to give people cycle training making Manchester greener and healthier.

The Economy

Now that the scheme can go ahead we can look forward to the prospect of a more mobile workforce therefore increasing the labour pool for employers and making it easier for employees to get to work. TfGM say the package has the potential to create the equivalent of 900 jobs, save businesses 1500 absentee days and save 1 million person hours of travel time each year. All this combined will help boost the competitiveness of Greater Manchester’s economy to the tune of £28 million according to Let’s Get to Work’s proposals.

Overall the Government funded scheme should have a very positive impact on our area making us healthier, helping the environment, boosting the economy and saving us time and money. A big “Thank you” to Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker!

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