Legislation needed to force FA to act following £5.1bn Premier League TV rights sale

South Manchester MP and Liberal Democrat DCMS spokesperson has slammed Labour and Tory politicians for paying lip service to grassroots football as the FA announced the sale of Premier League TV rights for £5.1bn.

John is a 31 year season ticket holder at Manchester City. The Liberal Democrats debated football at their last conference, and agreed that legislation was needed to force the FA to give 5% of revenues to grassroots football.

John said today, “There has been a procession of politicians on the telly since the announcement yesterday wanting to see more money for Grassroots football. I agree, but promises when the Premier League was set up to give 5% to grassroots football have not been kept and unless parliament legislates, it is not going to happen. The Liberal Democrats want that legislation and the other political parties need to step up and support legislation to force the FA to act.”

John added, “Legislation to force extra spending on grassroots football is just one of the Lib Dem’s policies for football. We would also introduce “Safe Standing” at Premier League games, give fans a veto over a club changing its name or first team colour, treat homophobia at football grounds as severely as racism, and strengthening the fit and proper persons test for owners.”

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