BREAKING NEWS: John Leech WILL Re-stand!


Today, John Leech announced that he will re-stand in the 2020 Parliamentary elections, but before that, in the 2016 local elections. As promised John is not giving up on Manchester Withington and will be sticking around to try and balance out Manchester City Council, which is currently a one party run council.

The release of this news makes it more important than ever before to volunteer, donate and get involved. Labour has every MP and councillor in the city and John needs your support to change this. We have a whole host of events coming up to help raise money for John's campaign, click here to take a look at what's upcoming. Campaigns cost money, it's that simple so if you can donate, please do so here. Lastly, if you can spare some time to knock on doors, make a few phone calls or stuff some envelopes, please click here.

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Read more on The Manchester Gazette's website.

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