Leech welcomes Lib Dem policy change on Spare Room subsidy

South Manchester Liberal Democrat MP John Leech has welcomed announcement made today by the Leadership of the Liberal Democrats that they give a manifesto commitment to change the rules on the Spare room subsidy if the Tories don’t agree policy changes in government.

John said today,

“I am proud to have rebelled on this measure in the House of Commons, and I have argued and lobbied in the party to change this policy. I always felt that it was unfair to penalise someone for having a spare room if they had nowhere to downsize to and I welcome the exemption for disabled adults.”


John added,

“If the Tories believe in evidence based policy decision they will support our proposed changes. Government evidence shows that only 5% have downsized and there is a lack of affordable alternative housing.”


Notes to Editors


John has argued against this policy and rebelled on its introduction in the House of Commons



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