Leech: 'Even Manchester Labour don’t think Labour will reverse Local Government cuts'

South Manchester MP John Leech has accused Labour’s Town Hall bosses of knowing that Labour nationally will not reverse cuts made to Manchester budget.

In a press release issued today, they fail to mention that there will be a general election next May, or that any cuts made to Manchester budget will be reversed if Labour win.

John Leech said today, “If these cuts are so unfair to Manchester then why aren’t Labour promising to reverse them if they win the General Election in May. Labour in Manchester know they are going to have to make cuts whoever wins the General Election. 

John added, “As usual, Labour are exaggerating the cuts, frightening the people of Manchester and targeting frontline services. There is no need to harm frontline services. You could use up some of Manchester’s huge reserves and cut out the unnecessary spending like the £130million Town Hall facelift or free Ipads for Councillors.”

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