Labour's New NHS Hypocrisy

As I looked at today's Manchester Evening News, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Labour's Town Hall Bosses want to charge those who use A and E and are drunk.

I have written about the problems of binge drinking before. Just last week. Difficult issue. Here was how Mancunian Matters reported my criticism of minimum unit pricing alone.

But the NHS Bill doesn't allow for new charges. The relevant part of the act reads....

“The services provided as part of the health service in England must be free of charge except in so far as the making and recovery of charges is expressly provided for by or under any enactment, whenever passed”

A couple of weeks ago, Labour were saying that the Government were going to introduce new charges, and that that would be privatisation.

Why is this proposal from them different?

Looks like Labour Hypocrisy to me.

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