Labour Council criticised over Chorlton pool bombshell

John Leech has accused the Labour Council of keeping users of the baths and local residents about the closure date of the baths.

John Leech said, "For users of the baths to hear second hand, verbally from staff that the baths is closing in June is just not on. I bet the announcement was planned for the week after the elections but it has slipped out early."

John added, "This is typical of a Council that no longer has to listen to local people. Not everyone in Chorlton has a car, or can easily get to another pool over two miles away. At the very least they should honour the the block bookings they have already taken, and halt the closure until after the summer holidays."

John concluded, "I urge the people of Chorlton to support the community asset bid to stop the Council flogging off the site to developers."

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