Labour caught scaremongering again

South Manchester MP John Leech has accused Labour of scaremongering nationally on the NHS and locally over Council cuts.

Yesterday, BBC Political editor Nick Robinson said that in private Ed Miliband “wants to – and I quote – ‘weaponise’ the NHS for politics.” And today Manchester Labour Town Hall bosses have “found” an airport dividend that has “reduced” council cuts by £9million”

John said, “There is a pattern of behaviour here. I predicted in November that Labour would exaggerate the cuts to scare people then “save frontline services”, just as they have done today. They knew they had an airport dividend coming, and have cynically talked about stopping School crossing patrols and free swimming for political effect.” 

John added, “Just yesterday, Ed Miliband was quoted as saying he wanted to weaponise’ the NHS for politics. He has also admitted that there is no extra money for Council’s like Manchester, so these cuts are happening whoever wins the General Election. The real cuts we all face because Labour messed up the economy are bad enough without Manchester Labour scaremongering and exaggeration.”

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