Labour Brexit position is a "spineless betrayal of the North"

The Liberal Democrats have taken aim at the Labour Party, claiming their Brexit position is a "spineless betrayal of the North"

The Labour Party today passed contradicting motions at their conference in Brighton. The main motion agreed the party will retain Jeremy Corbyn's preferred 'neutral' position on Brexit.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Manchester: John Leech said: 

"Labour's two-faced position on Brexit is insulting to voters across the country, but particularly to hardworking Northerners. Labour are assuming their spineless betrayal of the North will go unnoticed but they cannot play fire with people's lives and expect to get away with it.

"When Brexit will be so demonstrably bad for our country, how dare they not stand up for the people who will be hit hardest?

"The North West stands to lose thousands of jobs if Brexit goes through. Lib Dems will not let that happen and we couldn't be clearer – we will Revoke and Remain on day one."

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