Justice for the Hillsborough 96; Fresh Inquests announced

I welcome the decision made by the High Court today to quash the original inquest verdict into the Hillsborough Disaster. I also support the announcement made this morning by the Home Secretary Teresa May, that there will be a new police inquiry into the Hillsborough Disaster.

It is right that a new inquest into the deaths of the 96 innocent supporters who died that day should take place in light of the new medical evidence available, the manipulation of police statements as well as the attempts by the Police and emergency services to defect blame on to the fans.

It has been a long time coming in undoing the original inquests verdict of accidental death. It is clear from the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report that Hillsborough was not an accident.

I have always supported the release of all the documents relating to the disaster so that the full story and the truth can be known to everyone.

It is scandalous that the families of those killed have had to wait this long for the truth and I hope the fresh inquest and police report can once and for all move us closer to gaining justice for the 96 Liverpool fans that died at Hillsborough.

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