John Leech has a proven record of standing up for South Manchester and getting things done:

  • Brought metrolink to South Manchester 
  • Helped deliver £4.3 million extra per year for South Manchester schools
  • A strong independant minded MP who isn't afraid to stand up for his constituents in Parliament, voting against tuition fees and spare room subsidy changes.

John Leech is a champion for the Christie and and for Manchester's NHS

  • Fought closure threat at the Christie and got £6 million returned to the Christie after the collapse of Icelandic banks
  • Secured £12 million for Wythenshawe A&E


In Government John Leech's Lib Dems have:

  • Protected NHS budget with above-inflation increases
  • Created a million extra jobs and over 1600 new apprenticeships in Manchester Withington since 2010.website1.jpg