John Leech Writes: Lendleese Outrage

John Leech writes this month's Lib Dem blog, 'Lendleese Outrage.'

Imagine finally owning your own flat - your own home - and then discovering it has been so badly built you have to fork out thousands of pounds. That's the reality for people in Manchester’s Green Quarter who are now faced with paying £3m to replace unsafe Grenfell-style cladding that the construction company, Lendlease, used in their tower blocks.

But what's worse? Lendlease is now one of two firms set to snap up a whopping £330m for redeveloping the Town Hall.

Whilst Labour stand by and allow local people to be taken advantage of, the Liberal Democrats are clear. Under absolutely no circumstances should Lendlease be considered for a Council Contract ever again until they pay the £3m cladding bill. Read more here.

It’s been over two months since I privately emailed Council Leader Richard Leese to ask him to support a cross-party People's Vote motion. I never received a reply so I decided to publicly ask the Labour council last week.

Despite Manchester voting overwhelmingly to Remain and recent polls suggesting the city is in favour of Remain now more than ever, they refused. Read more here.

Blockbusters Captain America, Alfie, Channel 4’s No Offence and Netflix hit Safeare just some of the huge productions filmed in Manchester’s historic Northern Quarter - which will be no more after the council refused to protect them from overdevelopment.

Luxury apartments are set to take over our Northern Quarter after the council passed a meaningless and empty motion in council. City Centre residents are rightly upset and we are working hard with them to block the plans. Read more here.

The message could not be more clear. Labour are happy to sit back and see Manchester’s hard-working families hit by the devastating effects of a hard Brexit, they will allow our city’s heritage to be bulldozed and local people’s concerns will be completely pushed aside.

Press, only the Liberal Democrats will clean up the town hall. Last year we made gains but we also lost out on a seat by an agonising 21 votes - we can’t let that happen again if we are going to be the opposition this city desperately needs.

We need you to join our campaign today.

Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,


John Leech and the Manchester Liberal Democrats

PS: We are still trying to block Labour's Flat Tax - if you agree, please sign and share our petition here.

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