John Leech & Tim Farron accuse EU Campaigns of being too focused on the South


  • "Manchester's voice has been ignored for far too long" says Cllr. John Leech.
  • Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, and Cllr. John Leech, have accused the EU Campaigns of focusing too much on the South.
  • They visited the Euro Tunnel at the People's History Museum today to answer questions from visitors, and stress the importance of Manchester's voice in the EU referendum.

Today, leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron and former Manchester MP, Cllr. John Leech, visited the Euro Tunnel at the People's History Museum to talk about the importance of Manchester's voice in the EU referendum.

The visit comes ahead of the most important decision the UK faces for decades. Tim Farron and John Leech accused the campaigns for focusing too much on London.

Tim Farron said: "Both the Leave and Remain campaigns are failing to connect with voters up here, and overwhelmingly centred on London and the South-East.

"This decision is final, and too important for it to become a blue on blue slugfest between two Eton boys who would struggle to understand the life of a factory worker from Mosside or a retired nurse in Burnage."

Cllr. John Leech added: "This decision is far too big for the Leave campaigns to pretend we don't exist. There is much more to the United Kingdom than just London.

"The North of England has an enormous economy with links all across the world. Over half the North West's exports went to Europe last year; we have a thriving creative industry, a rich cultural history, and more than 350,000 jobs are linked to our place in Europe.

"Manchester's voice has been ignored for far too long, and we're here to put forward that Manchester, and the North, is better in."

The People's History Museum welcomed the visit saying: "We are delighted to be welcoming Tim Farron MP and Cllr. John Leech to the People’s History Museum.

"The Euro Tunnel was designed to demystify what the EU is, how it works, and highlight the arguments for and against leaving."

The Euro Tunnel is a temporary exhibition that runs until the 28th June at the People's History Museum in Manchester. Tim Farron and John Leech spoke to visitors and press today in an attempt to reaffirm why it is so vital for Manchester and the North West to remain in Europe.

The Museum concluded: "It’s great that Tim and John have chosen to come to the People's History Museum so that our visitors can gain further insight into this once in a lifetime decision."

Tim Farron added: "I’m here to say that, whatever decision the UK makes on 23rd June, it will have a much bigger impact on the North than almost anywhere else in the country."

Cllr. John Leech added: "We benefit hugely from being in the EU, and I'll be out knocking on doors, speaking to residents and putting forward the best case to ensure that South Manchester knows that we're better when we're in together, working with our European neighbours and tackling global challenges as part of a team."

Tim Farron concluded: "It is so important that citizens living in the North of England have a voice. The last thing we want is for the North / South divide to run even deeper.

"Whatever the result when we wake up on 24th June – and believe me, we will be fighting our guts out to get us to Remain - we want to see a prosperous, thriving and dynamic North of England which is ready to face the challenges of the future."


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