It’s MAD Friday – but is one drink too many?

With almost 200,000 people expected to pile into Manchester for what most people are saying will be “Mad Friday” it is important to remember to stay safe this festive period.

Road safety charity BRAKE is calling for a zero tolerance on drink driving over the festive period.

A survey of young drivers, released yesterday by Brake and Direct Line, finds a shocking three in 10 (29%) are willing to take the deadly gamble of driving after drinking alcohol. An even bigger proportion – a majority 53%, up from 45% four years ago – risk driving drunk the day after a heavy night, suggesting widespread complacency about how long alcohol stays in your system.

Heather Stott’s morning show on BBC Radio Manchester focussed on Brake’s report yesterday and provoked some really interesting calls from listeners.

The call that stood out for me the most was one from a Police Officer who had been called to the scene of a road accident where two cars had collided.

A young man had crashed into a lady whilst on his way to work at 7am Monday morning.  The police officer was called to attend as the lady reported a smell of alcohol on the man’s breath.

The young man had been on a stag do on the Friday night which carried onto the Saturday night resulting in copious amounts of alcohol consumed.  Knowing he wouldn’t be able to drive he waited until Monday before driving which was some 30 hours after the last drink consumed.

When he was breathalysed at the scene Monday at 7am he was twice over the limit.

It just goes to show it really isn’t worth it to drive after a night out, be careful this festive period.

The only way to drive safely is to drive sober, especially with the winter weather meaning driving conditions are becoming increasingly dangerous.

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