It's a two horse race in Manchester Withington!

It genuinely is a two horse race in Manchester Withington!

The other day two supporters rolled up to the office on an unusual form of transport... on horseback!

Since we have opened the campaign office to the public at 8 Gawsworth Avenue, the support we have received has been overwhelming.

We have had helpers travelling from all over the constituency and from further afield coming to lend a hand in the campaign.  I must admit I was flabbergasted when I heard that two horses had arrived at the office.  Unfortunately I was travelling down to London to vote on the Digital Economy Bill so didn’t get to meet the four legged friends!

When one of the volunteers in the office texted me to say we had a visit from two horses I didn’t believe them and my first reaction was neigh!

But I couldn’t doubt it when they texted me through photographic evidence!

It very unusual to see horses in Didsbury however there are a number of bridle ways and open space within galloping distance of the office and it’s great to see supporters who make that extra effort to come and see you!

If anyone would like to pop down to help campaign at the office your help would be greatly appreciated and there is a job for everyone!

The office is open from 10am seven days a week, for more information you can email [email protected] or ring 0161 257 5036.

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