Is ‘SmartWater’ the way to deter Scrap Metal thefts?

In a couple of weeks I am taking part in a round table discussion about scrap metal thefts, and as a member of the Transport Select Committee, I know that Scrap Metal Theft has become a major problem over recent years.

Around the constituency, church attacks peaked in 2008 when thieves struck 130 times in one year, causing £320,000 of damage, and I’m sure you’re as disgusted as I was at the latest news of the theft of a £40 plaque for the victims of the IRA bomb in Warrington.

I’m hopeful that one of the solutions to the problem is the sophisticated forensic technology named ‘SmartWater’.

SmartWater as a company has been working with local Scrap Yards and Police to provide a strategy as well as a deterrent to criminals seeking to steal scrap metal to make quick cash. Some scrap yards have even began to search scrap metal they are sold to with UV lights which detects the ‘SmartWater’.

It is my hope that this intelligent relatively new technology has an effect on this disgraceful crime like it seemingly has in other areas. The crime is costing insurers, businesses and victims a ridiculous amount of money that could be spent on much more productive things in tough economic times.

If you would like further details of organisations you and your local Community Association can apply to for grants, please contact James in my office on 0161 434 3334.

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