Is it true that The Christie hospital was not actually under threat?


No. But this is typical of the nonsense that Labour have peddled for the last 10 years. Funnily enough, Labour have never accused the Christie clinicians of lying, who first raised their concerns in the Manchester Evening News. Instead they try to rewrite history that somehow the review of services was made up, and that nobody from the Christie said anything. This is what was said at the time and reported in the MEN -

Head of surgery and critical care at the Christie, Sarah O'Dwyer, said: "Many people believe this is a matter of trying to save the Christie Hospital. Not building the unit would have major consequences - complete downgrading of what can be done on this site. If surgery leaves there will be no support for patients who develop complications that require surgical intervention, such as internal bleeding or a perforation of the bowel. Patients would have to be transferred and that would seriously put them at risk. They may not be accepted at that next hospital, there could be a delay, and they would not be treated by someone with the skills and specialist knowledge of the cancer treatment that the patient is undergoing. In short, lives could be lost."

Dr Mark Saunders, consultant clinical oncologist, said: "There are many novel and intricate treatments now available. They require close monitoring and the back-up of a comprehensive service including surgery and critical care. If this is threatened, the use of these new treatments will also be threatened. Patients will therefore suffer."

Dr Nick Slevin, chairman of the Medical Staff Committee at Christie, said: "The review is not due for publication for another three months. Nevertheless, 60 consultant cancer specialists at the Christie have communicated to me their concern that dislocation of these services from the Christie would seriously restrict the range of treatments and facilities available to our patients and jeopardise patient outcomes."

According to Labour I made this all up. They even claimed that the 60 clinicians did not exist. Just because Labour keep repeating the lie, does not make it the truth.

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