Is it time to stub out smoking in playgrounds?


I recently read an article on the BBC about people’s views on smoking in the 1950’s.  At the time, the first report on health concerns over smoking had just been published.

8 out of 10 men smoked when the link between smoking and lung cancer was established beyond doubt.

Considering it was 60 years ago, its been a long journey and there’s still a long way to go...

Today the Coalition Government announced tobacco displays in shops are to be banned in England as part of a package of measures to discourage smoking.  This is part of the White Paper “Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A Tobacco Control Plan for England” and I’m glad the Coalition Government has listened to the views from MPs such as myself on this issue.

Instead, cigarettes and other products will have to be kept under-the-counter from 2012 for large stores and 2015 for small shops.

A consultation will also be launched on whether manufacturers should be forced to put cigarettes into plain packets, something I have long called for.

More recently I was made aware that in the Wirral they have banned smoking from all children’s play areas.  Children should not have to be affected by smokers but still in our playgrounds across Manchester this still goes on.  I hope that Manchester can follow in the Wirall’s footsteps & hopefully create a safer place for children to play across Manchester.

You can visit the National No Smoking day website here:

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