Internet Safety Day 2013: How to Stay Safe online

stay safe online

Yesterday was Safer Internet day, but I was too busy voting on the Marriage Equality Bill to blog on it.

I believe we have a responsibility as a society to protect young people and ensure they have a secure and happy childhood. In relation to the internet I think this can be best achieved through parents supervising and communicating with their children.

Although there are pressures to legislate for automatic filters, and force the providers to act, the danger with this is that it lulls parents into false sense of security. There is  a risk that parents will falsely think their children are safe when this is not necessarily the case. No system that can be put in place would be foolproof and there is a danger that some parents would think that the filters mean that there was no need for parental supervision. There is no substitute for being vigilant and engaging with your children and educating them.

Here is a link to the BBC's Newsround Web page, which gives good advice for families to follow.



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