Icy Roads and Channel Tunnel Trains

People often say that when we have a bit of snow everything grinds to a halt. Today is no exception. We've heard of several problems on the Channel Tunnel, with 1000s of passengers stranded on trains. Why can't we get it right? Countries with far worse weather conditions seem to cope, so why can't we?
The Council seemed to forget that the bad weather was on the way, and there was little evidence of gritting of the main roads, never mind any minor routes!
The vast majority of drivers were being very cautious, but there were numerous accidents throughout the day. What was most disappointing was to witness the mindless idiots who thought it would be clever to build an enormous snowball and then leave it in the middle of Mauldeth Road West just over the brow of the bridge so that drivers could not see it until after they had driven over the bridge heading towards Withington from Chorlton.
I stopped the car and got out and along with a pedestrian we managed to move the snowball (it needed 2 people to move it) on to the safety of the pavement. The mindless kids who had left the snowball in the road seemed to think that it was very funny, even though their stupidity could have caused a fatal accident.

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