Guest Blog: Lib Dem Police Commissioner candidate Matt Gallagher


I am not a career politician, I am a career copper. 30 years. 6 in the Tactical Aid Unit. By the end of my career I had made Inspector.

As part of the TAU, I help take drug dealers and hooligans off the streets.

I have 30 years police experience, and a detailed knowledge of the Greater Manchester Police. I know how to make the GMP  work better.

I have many friends and colleagues still serving in the force. I will work with the police and cut crime across Greater Manchester.

Survey after survey shows that the public would prefer to see a former copper as Police Commissioner than a failed former politician. The people of Greater Manchester now have that choice.

My family has always done our bit for the community. My grandfather was a police officer, my wife and daughter are mobile carers and my son is a Royal Marine Commando.

This is my chance to make Greater Manchester safer for my children and grandchildren.

John Leech added,

“I support Matt because he was made for this job. 30 years a copper, six years in the Tactical Aid Unit. Better a Inspector with proven leadership and an understanding of the job that a failed former minister."

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