Green Homes Initiative

The Lib Dems have relentlessly pushed the green agenda over the last five years in government, in the face of strong resistance from the Conservatives. Yet despite much needed progress, people still suffer from homes that are too cold and bills that are too high. We will guarantee that nature and the environment will not be ignored in the forthcoming elections. The Liberal Democrats are putting green issues on the front page our manifesto.

Energy efficiency and climate change are vital issues that we must tackle. Insulating millions of homes will significantly improve the cost of living and quality of life of people across the UK and Trafford.

Lib Dems want to see a Green Homes revolution, delivering 10 million energy efficient homes by 2025 through ambitious targets and generous incentives for people who carry out work to make their homes warmer, cheaper and greener.

Last week the Lib Dems announced plans to introduce a new Green Homes Bill in the next Parliament. This would improve energy efficiency and promote renewable heat across the UK, ensuring more people benefit from permanently warmer homes and cheaper energy bills. All our residents would benefit as we would offer at least £100 a year off Council Tax for ten years when energy improvements are carried out.

Our plans include reforming the Green Deal ‘pay as you save’ scheme into a new ‘Green Homes Loan Scheme’ which would extend the current scheme to include renewable heat and electricity. In addition, as part of our plans to introduce Five Green Laws in the next Parliament, the Lib Dems have unveiled proposals for a Zero Waste Bill. This Bill will tackle industrial fly tipping and protect the environment for future generations.

Lib Dems in Government have a proud record of improving the nation’s leaky housing stock resulting in permanently warmer homes and cheaper bills, including beating our own target of getting one million homes more energy efficient through the Green Deal and other polices. The Green Homes Bill would build on the success of the policies for warmer homes the Liberal Democrats have delivered in Government.

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