Green Energy plan set to benefit Manchester

On Friday, I went to the launch of the exciting new Greater Manchester Energy Plan with Ed Davey MP (Energy and Climate Change Minister). It was  exciting because the plan  is set to bring jobs, money and industry to Manchester!
The GM Energy Plan has been created to put Manchester in on the ground floor of the emerging renewable energy industry in the UK. It has been designed to maximise the benefit to local people by ensuring that jobs are created in local companies, such as Siemens, and that local people save more on their energy bills. It will also create a new industrial revolution in Manchester creating growth in industry, which has been in decline under successive Conservative and Labour governments.
Ed Davey MP, said “if the people of Manchester can save money on their energy, they will be able to spend it on goods and services in their community, making things better for everyone”.
The Greater Manchester Energy Plan is yet another good example of how the Liberal Democrats are making a difference in Government, and are focusing on what will make a difference in people’s lives. Ed Davey and Chris Huhne before him, have put Energy Plans like this at the top of the government’s energy agenda.

Where the Tory’s ignored, and Labour took for granted places like Manchester for decades, Liberal Democrats in government have been pushing for more de-centralisation and devolution of power away from London, with local strategies which mean that it is the local people who benefit from the plans, not just big businesses.
This was a Lib Dem minister announcing a plan that will mean more jobs, more money and more industry for the people of Manchester.

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