Greater Manchester worst in the country for drug misuse

Greater Manchester makes up nearly 7% of all cases of drug misuse, ranking highest in the country, according to new NHS England figures.

Nearly 40% of people from the North West who were admitted to hospital in the past year for issues relating to drug misuse came from the Greater Manchester area - the highest number anywhere in the country.

With nearly 10,000 admissions from Greater Manchester alone, the area ranks highest in the North West, which itself made up a countrywide high of 19% in England.

18,205 people from the North West were admitted for drug-related mental and behavioural problems.

3,555 people were admitted for poisoning from drug misuse.

In both instances, admissions have increased from 2018. 

The news comes as Greater Manchester continues to be gripped by a drug epidemic that has contributed to record rises in homelessness statistics and drug-related crime.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Manchester and Spokesperson for the North John Leech said:

"Once again, it is hardworking Northerners who are hit hardest by a dire lack of investment and the Government's obsession with Westminster.

"While the Government continues to be fixated with pushing their hard Brexit message, issues like this go ignored in Manchester and get worse.

“And It’s not just the thousands of people who have been admitted to hospital, but also families, neighbours and loved ones who suffer.

"The Lib Dems have a clear plan to fix this health epidemic. We will publish a National Wellbeing Strategy, which puts better health and wellbeing for everyone at the heart of government, properly fund addiction and support centres, legalise and tax cannabis reinvesting the money generated back into vital mental health services and drug-misuse and addiction preventions.

“Only the Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and build a brighter future for everyone in Manchester."

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