General Election Summit at the National Liberal Club

You know when the General Election is nearly here when you get an invitation to the "General Election summit".
The day started with a speech from Chris Fox, the Chief Executive, and then a rousing speech by Nick Clegg. I've been really impressed with Nick over the last few months - loads of TV and radio interviews, visit after visit to constituencies around the country getting the message across. I've no doubt that he'll do very well in the television debates with Gordon Brown and David Cameron, both of whom seem as though they've had enough of campaigning before the election has even started.
During the day we talked about the manifesto and getting our message across, with several of the shadow cabinet given a strict three minutes in which time they had to get across our key messages in their policy area.
The overall theme is "fairness"
1. Fairer taxes, including not paying tax on the first £10000, taking the poorest paid out of paying tax.
2. A fair chance for every child - more money for schools, and scrapping tuition fees.
3. A fair future - creating jobs by making Britain greener through investment in public transport, renewable energy and energy efficient homes.
4. A fair deal from politicians - make politicians accountable, and give people the right to sack corrupt MPs.
It is certainly going to be an interesting few months ahead and I am certainly looking forward to it!

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