Five Quick Fire Questions for Manchester Stop the War Website

I recently answered five quick fire questions for, the Greater Manchester Website for the Stop the War Coalition.

Here's the full article:

John Leech MP, and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Manchester Withington responds to our five questions to candidates.

1. Do you agree that we should bring British soldiers back from Afghanistan now? - Yes

2. Are you opposed to the Trident replacement? - Yes

3. Will you call for an immediate end to the siege of Gaza? - Yes, and to all acts of violence

4. How will you help stop the tide of anti Muslim hatred?
I have argued for the banning of EDL marches, put my name to letters, and joined others protesting against the desecration of Muslim graves in my Constituency.

5. How will you strengthen our right to protest?
I will always support the peaceful right to protest, so long as it does not infringe on the liberty of others. I took part in the "illegal" reading out of the names of the war dead in Parliament Square, and I believe that people should be able to protest outside Parliament.

The Full article can be viewed here:

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