Experts warn 'Brexit Blues' damaging Britain's mental health

Senior MEP Jane Brophy has joined forces with professional experts to warn of the "soul-destroying" effects Brexit is having on Britain's mental wellbeing. 

The result of the 2016 referendum has had a long-lasting negative impact on both the British public and EU citizens in the UK.

Experienced psychiatrists Digby Tantam and Emmy van Deurzen joined forces with senior Lib Dem MEP and former NHS worker Jane Brophy today (04/12/19) to draw attention to those suffering from the 'Brexit Blues'.

The breakdown of trust between UK voters and politicians, and the anxiety felt among EU citizens who now see themselves as unwelcome migrants are two of the biggest issues created by the Brexit vote.

One study by the Emotional Support Service for Europeans dealt with 13 participants who on average displayed mild to moderate mental health problems, with 10 of those reporting severe or moderately severe anxiety or moderately severe depression.

Study participants said they had "fallen out of love with the UK" and "considered leaving",  while some feel "exhausted", "unwanted" and "unwelcome" since the referendum vote.

Former NHS worker, Liberal Democrat MEP and Social Affairs Spokesperson Jane Brophy said:

“The hidden impact of Brexit on our nation's collective mental health is yet another negative consequence of the lies and misinformation that contributed to 2016's referendum result.

"Not only are British nationals now despairing of the decisions taken by their politicians, but hardworking EU citizens who have given so much to the UK have been made to feel unwelcome and unwanted in the country they call home.

"These people save lives in our NHS, drive our busses and trains and teach our children. They are what makes our country great and they have been treated appallingly. 

"Only the Lib Dems will stop Boris, stop Brexit, and build a brighter future for our country by fixing the damage done to our NHS and investing £11 billion into our mental health services."

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