Exchange Square 'dancing fountains' are “constant reminder of Council's breathtaking incompetence”

The Liberal Democrats have slammed the new Exchange Square 'dancing fountains', trumpeted by Manchester City Council today, as a reminder of the administration's “breathtaking incompetence”.

The Labour-run Council have championed the redesign which features “colour-changing, energy-efficient LED lighting, animated water jets which dance and wave between 7am and 11pm.”

But the Liberal Democrats have slammed the fountains as a “constant reminder of this Council’s breathtaking incompetence” and a reminder of just how often they get it wrong.

More than £1m has been spent on city centre fountains in just two years – enough money to house every single person sleeping rough for an entire year, with a hot meal, warm shower and access to a support worker.

The Liberal Democrat opposition voted against the plans.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Richard Kilpatrick said:

“In the last few of years, Labour have wasted £1.2m on failing fountains. That’s enough to house every single person sleeping rough in Manchester for an entire year, along with a hot meal, a warm shower and access to a support worker.

“Now – take a minute to weigh up the difference housing every single rough sleeper would make versus the difference 'dancing fountains' will make.

“But only Manchester Labour could talk about taking homelessness seriously while recklessly wasting enough money to house every rough sleeper.

“These stupid fountains are a constant reminder of this Council's breathtaking incompetence, and just how often and wrong their priorities are.

“As we head into the elections this year, Lib Dems will fight to re-prioritise public money to end homelessness and invest in our public services – not vanity projects and 'dancing' failing fountains.”

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