EDM Number 1 - Polling Fiasco - UPDATE

Just to give you an update, I submitted the Early Day Motion in the new Parliament about the polling fiasco, in fact it was the first early day motion of the new fixed term Parliament, and so it has attracted a lot of attention and I hope it will help to bring about the necessary changes to ensure that there can never be a repeat of the fiasco on Election Day.

Please see below for the EDM that was submitted:




Leech, John

That this House notes with concern that a significant number of electors around the country were turned away from polling stations on 6 May 2010, denying them the right to vote even though they turned up before the close of poll; welcomes the Electoral Commission's recent report that a change in the law should be introduced so that everyone turning up before the close of poll should be afforded the opportunity to vote; further welcomes its recommendation that local authorities review the number of polling districts and polling stations as well as contingency arrangements in the event of future problems; furthernotes, with particular concern, that confusion over eligibility to vote in either election was a significant factor in delaying the voting process; calls on the Government to make changes in the law to avoid multiple elections taking place on the same day in future; and further calls on local authorities to take note of the Electoral Commission's recommendations, and carry out a review of polling districts and the number of polling stations available for people to cast their vote.

I am in the process of personally writing to all the members of parliament (excluding ministers unable) to urge them to sign the motion including details of the polling fiasco that took place in Manchester Withington.

I also urge those of you who do not live in Manchester Withington to write to your MP urging them to sign this EDM and ask your friends to do the same.

I want to see a fundamental change in the law surrounding the polling day procedures; it’s unfair that people who queued for hours were denied their right to vote.

I will be personally speaking to the Liberal Democrat deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg about the situation and will fight to get this much needed change to fix this mess we have been left in.

The situation that happened on polling day was farcical and must never happen again.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any assistance whatsoever.

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