Dramatic u-turn on Brexit from senior Northern Labour figures

Senior Northern Labour figures have signed a letter pleading with the EU to reject a Brexit delay in a dramatic u-turn on the party's policy, despite having voted for a delay just days earlier. 

‘Joker’ may have just been released in cinemas across the country but Labour’s Brexit position is now “beyond a joke”, the Lib Dems have said. 

The letter, penned by senior Labour figures including Manchester’s Lucy Powell, Kinnock and Flint, urged the EU to reject a delay and agree a deal so the UK can "move forward to stage two".

Just days ago Manchester MP Lucy Powell voted for a delay.

The news follows a ComRes poll which shows 66% of voters think Labour’s Brexit policy is a “mystery.” 

The Liberal Democrats have criticised Labour for changing their position on Brexit. Again. ​

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Manchester John Leech said: 

“I know ‘Joker’ has just been released but Labour’s position on Brexit is now beyond a joke.

“Northerners rightly expect to have their views represented and at this stage, neither Remainers nor Leavers have any idea where the Labour Party stands.

“Northerners will be hit harder than most if Brexit goes ahead, and Labour knows this. So how can they keep changing their position every day?

“Its unfair on hard-working Northerners and businesses who are desperately seeking clarity from politicians. 

”The reality is only the Liberal Democrats are clear. We will Revoke and Remain on day one.”

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