Do you feel that the Liberal Democrat’s have more influence inside the government or in opposition?

What Nick Clegg did at the last Election was very brave, one philosophical view is that to make change we must follow the rules that govern them.

With the move into Government, it gave the LD’s a chance to block and comment, pause for further discussion on some decisions that otherwise would have had a total Conservative stance.

It’s time for NC to raise the profile of LD’s manifesto and lead the party to have further influence in the future.


As one of only two Lib Dem MPs that did not vote to go into coalition, I can still confidently say that you have more influence in Government than in opposition. Politicians go into politics to get things done, not to simply complain about what others are doing. 

-0.7% of GDP to international aid
-Linking pensions to earnings and the triple lock
-More then 1 million of the lowest paid taxpayers taken out of paying tax
-The pupil premium
-Anti-tax avoidance measures

None of the above would have happened without the Lib Dems.

As far as coalition discussions relating to culture are concerned, I would hope that the future of the BBC and more equitable geographic funding for arts and culture would be are priorities.

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