David Miliband: A loss to British Politics

Although I understand the reasons behind the decision, I am genuinely sad to hear the news that David Miliband is to stand down from parliament and go and live in New York heading up International Rescue.

Of course the press would have looked for differences between him and his brother if he had stayed, and it was only going to get worse as the election approached.

I think he was unjustifiably labeled as a Blairite in the leadership contest. He managed to work for, and get promoted by, both Blair and Brown, and still maintain a level of independence from both.

If David had been elected leader, (and he won the vote of party members and MP's), he would have taken the party in a different direction.

He would have led a more constructive opposition, shown more independence from the trade unions, and wouldn't have pretended that you could oppose every cut suggested by the Government and still make "tough choices" on spending.

It would certainly have meant a more realistic public debate.

He is a loss to British politics.


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