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More than 58 crimes across Greater Manchester have been linked to the use of dating apps Tinder and Grindr, including rape and serious violence. Of the 28 incidents related to Grindr, four resulted in rape, with a further ten other sexual offences. Theft, non-sexual violence and drug trafficking were also reported. A much higher number of 13 out of the 30 reported Tinder incidents resulted in rape, with other violent offences making up a further 15.

John Leech, the former MP for Manchester Withington, highlighted the desperate need for schools to bring sex education into the 21st century, and has launched a campaign demanding that leading dating apps, Tinder and Grindr, should provide safety notices. Read the full story here.

Sign our petition below calling on Tinder and Grindr to dramatically increase the safety of their users and click here for a standard letter that you can email to Tinder and Grindr supporting our demands.


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