Cure Cancer Event @ UCL

I’m quite certain there must be no one whose life hasn’t been affected cancer. It is one of the biggest killers but if caught early enough, can be treated and cured.

The subjects of the Cure Cancer @UCL presentation last week were Lymphoma which is a cancerous tumour that attacks the immune system and Myeloma which cancer of the plasma cells; blood cancer.

Professor A. Goldstone who is based at UCL Hospital gave the presentation and highlighted some interesting and at times, surprising facts about this particular cancer. Cancer of the blood is the fifth most common type of cancer (around 10,000 British sufferers every year) and is one of the most difficult to treat. Professor Gladstone is also heavily involved with the Christie Hospital in Withington.

The dedication that the people involved have to raising money and awareness to research more into the causes and treatments of cancer is very moving. Among them was Sandra Hamilton, a cancer sufferer and survivor who works non-stop so that others can survive the disease as well.

More information on the charity and a PowerPoint presentation on cancer facts can be found at;

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