Council Leader left red-faced after admitting no Brexit impact assessment has taken place

The leader of Manchester City Council, Richard Leese, was left red-faced today (30/01/19) after admitting they haven't assessed the impact that Brexit will have on Manchester.

In response, the Liberal Democrats presented a list of councils across the UK who have conducted Brexit impact assessments and asked why Manchester had not done so.

Labour have twice rejected Lib Dem calls to support a People's Vote motion despite nearly three years of complete chaos.

Dismissing the concerns, Richard Leese, the Leader of the Labour Council, told the chamber:

"I know 60 per cent of Manchester voted to remain, but that's not what the majority of the country did... and one of the things about democracy is occasionally you have to accept things you don't like - like having Liberal Democrats on the council - but that's

"We will not be playing project scare."

Snapping back, John Leech, Leader of the Manchester Liberal Democrats said:

“If you don’t want to answer questions, you don’t have to be Leader of the Council - there are plenty of people on your own benches that would be happy to take it up. These are serious concerns that need addressing.”

Recently elected Liberal Democrat councillor, Richard Kilpatrick, who slammed the chamber with three major councils who have published Brexit impact plans, said:

"Manchester voted to remain and this council has a duty to uphold that, but in a worst-case scenario, it has an even greater duty to prepare for what could be a chaotic and painful crashing out of the EU.

"People's jobs are at risk, money will be tighter, prices will rise and EU benefits will be withdrawn - that's not 'project scare' and this council needs to be honest about that.

"Just because the Labour party has absolutely no coherent policy on Breixt or a People's Vote does not mean the people of Manchester should suffer, and the Lib Dems will not stand by whilst Labour put their fingers in their ears and hope it goes away."

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