Council ignore an accident waiting to happen in Levenshulme

Levenshulme Councillor James Hennigan has slammed Manchester City Council over their failure to act over an abandoned building that was set on fire today. The property set on fire was 322 Slade Lane, Levenshulme.

Cllr Hennigan said,

“This building had been reported as an accident waiting to happen months ago, I had urged the council to secure the abandoned building which was extremely dangerous.  I am angry that with the council’s failure to act, it has been to subject what looks like a deliberate fire.” 

Fire engines were called to the property on Slade Lane today (Friday 30th March 2012), the road had to be blocked off between Moseley road and Kingsway and some residents were evacuated.

 Cllr James Hennigan went on to say,

“It was lucky there were no lives lost in what could have been a fatal fire.  I dread to think how much this fire will end up costing the taxpayers. When I was present there were three fire engines and two police cars and at least 15 emergency service personnel; all this could have been prevented if they acted earlier and secured the building as I urged them.”

Lib Dem campaigner and local resident John Commons added,

“Abandoned buildings are a blight on our area, they bring down the area as well as attracting anti-social behaviour, the council simply need to do more.”

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