Cooper knocked out by Leese

Henry Cooper is not only a boxer, he is a Labour Councillor with 20 years service in Moston. He was always willing to have a go at me, and the other Lib Dems on the Council.

Well he isn't a Labour Councillor any more. He resigned from the Labour Group over their decision to  back a new stadium for FC United in his Moston ward.

Fair enough. Standing up for (some) local people. Isn't that what Councillor are there for? Now Labour have taken the vindictive action of taking Cllr Cooper off the Fire Authority, where he was Vice Chair.

Manchester's Liberal Democrat Leader Coun Marc Ramsbottom rightly slammed the decision. He said,

"Coun Cooper has effectively been punished by Manchester Labour leaders for speaking his mind and standing up for local residents. The removal of him from the Fire Authority is a vindictive and spiteful act by Labour Leader Richard Leese and fellow Moston Councillor Paul Murphy"

"Local residents living nearby have genuine concerns about the impact this stadium will have on their local area. Local councillors should be entitled to stand up and voice those concerns, even if the Council leadership don't agree, and should not be bullied into silence" he added.

This is the problem when you remove opposition to Labour on the Council. They become unreasonable, and stop anyone who takes a different view to them from having an opinion.

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