Cllr Victor Chamberlain: I'm proof that politics IS for young people

There was a great article in yesterday's Manchester Evening News from Chorlton's Cllr Victor Chamberlain.

Victor is Manchester's youngest ever Councillor, the previous holder of the title was Cllr David Hennigan (Levenshulme).

Before David was another Levenshulme Councillor Keith Whitmore, who was elected in 1979; tomorrow Keith will be made an honorary alderman of Manchester having been a Councillor for 33 years.

Keith really broke the mould and paved the way for young people to get involved in politics and tomorrow is a fitting tribute to him.

Victor makes some great points in his article.  He is Chair of the communities scrutiny committee and is leading on a study into why voter turnout at the last locals is so low and how to involve more people in the democratic system.  You can email any thoughts you have to [email protected] or follow him on twitter

I must point out a typo Victor is 23 not 22 as the article states. You can also comment on the article on Victor's blog which is here:


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