Cllr Simon Wheale: Labour making the wrong choice by shutting Withington Baths.

On Saturday, John Leech and I met with local residents and campaigners  to launch the campaign and petition to save Withington Baths following the shock decision by Labour's Town Hall bosses to propose closing the historic Baths on Burton Road sometime after April.

On saturday afternoon, several thousand petition forms were delivers, and already over 400 petition forms have been returned.

There is also an on-line petition, current with over 500 signatures, which you can find at

Labour's Finance chiefs in Manchester are making the wrong choices. They have decided to turn down nearly £1.5Million in Government money to freeze the Council Tax, to put up the Council Tax by nearly 4% and to close Withington and Levenshulme Baths. These are the wrong choices when difficult decisions have to be made."

"It is crazy that Labour Councillors, in this area, agreed to spend nearly half a million pounds of local Council taxpayers' money on one night's celebrity concert last September and now can't find the same amount of money from a Council budget of £1.5Billion to save Withington Baths for the next two years."

Please join our campaign to save Withington Baths.

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