I'm gutted about Clinton

What a disappointment.

I imagine you are feeling just as gutted as me right now. I was up all night last night watching in horror as state after state in America chose the politics of fear, division and narcism over hope and liberalism.

Hillary was far from perfect but she at least offered a vision; looking to the future with a clear plan to lead change. I am devastated, I am gutted but I am not defeated. Just as we picked ourselves up after the general election last year and the EU referendum earlier this year, I know Hillary and her team will do the same after this defeat. They will get back up and continue fighting because liberalism and hope doesn't just die over night.

It is hard won.

Talking of hard won, over on this side of the pond we have our own campaign underway for the all out elections in Manchester in 2018. We have an enormous task ahead of us. We won this year, but only one seat out of 96. There are another 95 seats up for grabs and we have seen what Manchester does without an opposition; wasting money, suing the homeless and blaming everyone else for problems they create.

Right now we are raising funds to put us in the best position possible for 2018. Can you spare us just £1? Please donate here if you can: www.johnleech.org.uk/donate

Best wishes,
Cllr. John Leech

PS: There’s still a couple of tickets left for Jane Brophy's first fundraiser this Saturday, book now: www.johnleech.org.uk/disco

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