Bob Graham Memorial Trophy

Last night as I was leaving my office I bumped into someone who wanted to talk to me about Bob Graham.
Some people may remember that about three years ago there was a story in the MEN and South Manchester Reporter about how I had managed to locate the whereabouts of the Bob Graham Memorial trophy for his mother Peggy Graham.

In 1967 Bob - a talented footballer who was courted by Manchester City - died while playing for Barclays' Manchester and District XI. Bob, who was 24 when he died, played for Runcorn in the non-league and captained the Barclays team.
The following year the bank set up a competition in Bob's honour called the Barclays Bob Graham Trophy, which was contested by bank teams from all over the country.

The annual tournament came to an end in 1993, and the trophy itself ended up in a Barclays bank in Northamptonshire, where it was closeted away in a cupboard and left to gather dust for 14 years.

I'd bumped into Peggy and she had asked me about the trophy's whereabouts. After contacting Barclays the trophy was found in a cupboard in one of the Barclays branches, and the trophy was returned to Peggy and this was reported in the papers.

The person I spoke to last night was telling me how he had sent the press cuttings to an old friend of Bob Graham in South Africa, and that he had been in touch and wanted to contact Peggy. He asked me if I knew where Peggy was now. Unfortunately Peggy has passed away, but it was nice to hear that news of the Bob Graham Memorial trophy had reached another continent!

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