BLOG: Why I vote Remain

Manchester, today, send a message.

Send a message to the world that we are better than the narrow, narcissistic vision that Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign offer.

Send a message to the world that we are an open, tolerant, outward-looking, proud and patriotic city.

Because at the very heart of this referendum is a question about the kind of country we want to be, and the kind of city I know Manchester is.

Do we want to be isolated and inward looking, cutting ourselves off at the very time we should be coming together? Or do we want a thriving Manchester, in a Great Britain that leads from the front, standing tall and leading change in the world?

Manchester, the North, Britain... we are better when we work together, as a team, leading change, with our European neighbours; tackling cross border and global issues, fighting terrorism, crime and climate change, providing for families, creating stable jobs and building a stronger economy.

Offering a hopeful and liberal vision, Britain is better when we're #‎INtogether

Today, I vote for Manchester. Today, I vote Remain.

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