John Leech votes against reduction in bin sizes

Manchester City Council has voted to waste £2 million replacing all current grey bins with new bins that are 40% smaller. The Council then ruled out saving the £2million by swapping with the existing brown bins, suggested by John Leech.

Councillor John Leech said, "Labour claim that the bins needed to be changed because they were coming to the end of their useful life, but the vast majority of them are in perfectly good condition. This is yet another example of the Council wasting millions of pounds which would be better spend protecting frontline services.”

Only Cllr. John Leech voted against the plans, and not one of the 95 Labour councillor spoke, except to complain that John Leech was asking too many questions.

The Council claims that the plans will save at least £2.4 million each year, by increasing recycling rates, and reducing the Council's share of waste disposal costs, but Cllr. John Leech said, "The Council is dishonestly claiming that this will save at least £2.4 million, even though the Executive Member admitted that the Council would not save a penny if other councils also improved their recycling rates at the same rate."

The council has also introduced charges of £10 for a new wheelie bin if it is stolen, blaming the charge on “cuts” and a “lack of money”. Despite these 'cuts, they have now found £2million, the equivalent of 200,000 replacement bins!


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