Best for Britain and John Leech call on Council to support Brexit deal referendum

National campaign group Best for Britain and Manchester's Opposition Leader, John Leech, are calling on the City Council to pass an official policy motion in support of a people's vote on the Brexit deal.

In an email from Best for Britain, their Regional Campaign Coordinator, Charles Gibson said: "It is now more important than ever that we keep up the pressure on Councillors in Manchester and let them know that we want them to stand up for a people's vote."

Oxford and Liverpool councils have already approved motions supporting a people's vote and Leicester Council will do so next month.

The Leader of the Opposition on Manchester Council, John Leech said: "I have always supported a people's vote and in the next council meeting I will ask Manchester Council to pass a motion of support.

"Manchester is an open, tolerant, outward-looking, proud and patriotic city that voted to remain with its European neighbours.

"Manchester Council needs to recognise this and start standing up for local people by supporting a referendum on the Brexit deal which has been Lib Dem policy for over two years now.

"When Britain voted marginally to leave, there was no opportunity to vote for a destination and I will not stand by and watch Manchester suffer for something they didn't vote for."

The former Lib Dem MP campaigned to remain during the 2016 referendum and is now Leader of the Opposition on Manchester Council after storming to victory with 55% of the vote. UKIP, however, received just 1%, making it officially the least popular area for the anti-EU party anywhere in the country.

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