Before you go to bed tonight!

Before you go to bed tonight, I need you to do one thing.

Tomorrow, most of us will wake up, go to work and go about our day as usual, knowing we have a home to come back to. One man who won't be able to do that is Robert Chilowa, who risked everything to save the lives of two young children in a horrific fire that claimed both of their grandparents

Our immense pressure secured an extension to the deportation process but now, we are at a critical point in our campaign. I am about to write to Amber Rudd giving her another chance to let Robert stay here in Withington.

And I want to add your name to that letter.

I want to add even more. So please, before you go to bed tonight, I need you to forward this post, share this link on social media, forward it to your friends and family, do what you can, and keep doing everything you can to get as many names added as possible.

Are we really, in the current climate, going to deport this hero back to a country for almost certain persecution? I know you agree with me, but time is wearing thin and we don't have long left, so please act now.

Thank you again.


Cllr. John Leech

PS: I know you agree with me, but I need your help to build our movement and I really need you to do it right now. Here's the link again → →

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