Are United fans getting their fair share?

Yesterday, I went to see the Spain v Uruguay football at Old Trafford. Given it finished goalless it was pretty good match, and it was great to see so many different football shirts in just a small part of the ground. One of the United stewards even made a joke saying I wasn’t allowed in, because I had a City shirt on!

United have been playing host to a number of games in the Olympics, and if Team GB beat South Korea we could be playing Brazil at Old Trafford next Tuesday in the semi-final. (If so, we’ll probably lose on penalties!)

But United have also been in the news over plans to float some shares to raise in excess of £200 million. This has been talked about for some time as a way of massively reducing United’s debts. But this week we hear that the Glazers intend to only use half of the money to pay off some debt and the other half will, I assume, go into their pockets.

If I had been one of those shareholders who didn’t want to sell when the Glazers took over I’m not quite sure how I would react to shares now being sold to pay off the club’s debt. And I’m fairly certain how I would feel to know that  half of the money that is to be raised is not going to the club at all! Fans deserve better than that.

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