Animal protection campaign welcomes stance of John Leech

Animal protection campaigners today welcomed the support of local MP John Leech for important advances in the effort to reduce the use of animals in laboratories.

Twin campaigns by the BUAV, Britain's leading organisation campaigning to end animal experiments, call for lifting the secrecy surrounding the licensing of animal experiments and an end to the use of animal testing for household products such as washing-up liquid.

Both campaigns have been accepted in principle by the Government, who promised last year to implement the changes before the election, but with time running out Leech has joined with 86 colleagues across all parties to support a motion calling for immediate action

John Leech said, “I have long supported these changes and want to see this on the statute book before the election. I am happy to work with BUAV to try and make it happen.” 

BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew said, "We welcome John Leech’s support for this motion. When a consensus on progress has finally been reached, it would be very frustrating if it failed to materialise due to Government inaction in the last two months of this Parliament. We hope that Mr Leech’s backing will help secure these important steps in making a difference for animals in laboratories."

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