Alan Turing Update: The Campaign goes on

No campaign worth its salt gives up at the first knock back. I understand why Lord McNally answered the question regarding Alan Turing's pardon the way he did, but how can we tell other countries that they shouldn't have anti-gay laws when we had them so recently, and won't right a historical wrong to Alan Turing and lots of other gay men who were charged, and convicted, of the same "crime"?

Lots of people have been in touch since my EDM on Alan Turing, the vast majority being supportive. There were pieces for the BBC and the Guardian, Evening News, South Manchester Reporter, several online publications and a 10 minute interview with Ashley Byrne on his Radio Manchester's LGBT show.

One lady, Mary Moxon asked me to publicise her attempts to get sponsorship for an "Alan Turing garden" at the Tatton Flower Shop.

If you want a copy of the plans, please e mail me, or contact Mary directly at

EDM 2660 has 21 signatures so far, from four separate political parties (Lib Dem, Labour, Tory and DUP). See which MP's have signed, and ask your MP to sign.

Since the EDM went in, there are now 5000 more signatures on E petition. Current signatures stand at 26679. Add your name at


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